Tour and Travel Operators in India Offer Attractive Tour Packages

India is considered as one of the best civilizations of world that traces back to thousand of years. The most important factor in the background of Indian culture has been its culture, history along with geography as well as ecology. Due to its various diversities, unique culture and old age traditions in tourism, India have been the most attractive destinations in tourism all over world.

India is the only country that provides different types of tourism. Tour and travel operators in India plays a leading role in this regarding by offering attractive tour packages. These packages are designed keeping in view all the needs of the tourist whether they are culture tours, nature tours and adventure tours or wild life tours. The various types of tours in India are classified in the category of south India, Rajasthan, wildlife, pilgrimage, temple and special interest tours.

For nature lovers the tours of Kashmir and Ladakh are very interesting and give pleasant experience. You can also enjoy the thrill of wildlife in wildlife tours. There are around 80 national parks and more than 400 wild life sanctuaries in India. Lion and elephants are prime attractions in wild life tours.

For visit ancient and royal forts and palaces Rajasthan tour is considered as the most popular tour packages. One can have a look at the royal ad picturesque monuments and palaces during these tours.


Tour and travel operators in India plays a crucial great role by offering attractive tour packages to attract the tourist to visit India. Such packages are related with religious tours, wildlife tours, nature and adventure tours and tours of special interest.

Here you can find information about all Indian Tour and Travel destination places and Indian Tour and Travel packages. As well as great information about Indian Travel Agents.

India Tour and Travel – The Best Tour Package for Tourists

India is the land which is blessed with a number of attractive destinations and natural beauty which attracts tourist from all over the globe. There are many tour operators and service that offer aim at making India tour & travel and itineraries that are suitable and interesting. India tour and Travel is one of the most sought after and famous tour packages, which take you to the lap of Mother of Nature. There are rejuvenating qualities such as soothes the skin, relaxes muscles refreshes, the soul etc. During the trip tourist can find the birds singing, verdant vistas echoing folklores, refreshing winds blowing, the foggy blue open sky appears to be meeting the earth at prospect, Assam represents good beauty on Earth etc. With this tour package, tourist can explore the region with a detailed tour encompassing all the sunglasses of Assam. There are some of the highlights that visitor should not miss while touring Assam.

Tea gardens: This is one of the most famous and sought after tea estates of Assam which are virtually flat and create tea which is named “black tea”. One of the most productive tea producing areas in the globe, Assam creates tea that is most famous for its body, bright color, malty flavor, briskness, etc. to visit here, tourist can see the entire process of preparation of tea. Starting from picking the fresh leaves of tea to its processing in the factories your East India tour

Kaziranga National Park: It is located both sides of River Brahmaputra and aziranga National Park which is the site comprising world’s two-third people of Great One- horned Rhinoceroses. This is chosen a World Heritage Site by UNESCO the park which is one of the most beautiful and charming with wide green plants and is home to huge breeding populations of water buffalo, elephants, and swamp deer and other.

Kamakhya temple: India Tour Packages are provided this Temple. There are a number of temples that tourist can explore like A shakti (consecrated to Goddess Durga) temple, Kamakhya temple, Kamakhya temple, and many others. Kamakhya temple is one of the most famous temples of Assam. It is an important pilgrimage site of Hindus.