Kerala Tours and Travel

Choosing Kerala tours and travels can make one of the best holidays in you’ll ever have, the beauty, the attractions, the people and food all make for one spectacular adventure. Kerala is located in South India on the Western side and while it may be one of the smallest states but it certainly has one of the biggest personalities.

The state is perhaps most famous for the backwaters, a network of almost 1000 Kilometres of canals and waterways linking various lakes, towns and villages. No Kerala tours and travel is complete without a trip to the Kerala backwaters. The best ways to see the stunning backwaters is by houseboat. The boats, known locally as Kettuvallams and where originally used as freight ferries to transport the thousands of tonnes of rice and spices that Kerala produces each year out of the state. Since the invention of trucks these beautiful boats became obsolete before somebody decided that they made excellent houses. Now there are almost 2000 of these boats which float up and down the waterways of Kerala on a daily basis giving tourists and travellers from all over India and the world a beautiful insight into a true natural wonder. The backwaters really have to be seen to be believed, a huge expanse of water intermitted by small dwelling, villages and rice paddies. They support a massive biodiversity of both plants and animals and the area has become very popular internationally as a bird watching hotspot.

The other reason travellers venture out on Kerala tours and travels is because of the beautiful Western Ghats, a hill range which make up a large part of the south Indian subcontinent. They are a source of constant wonder and amazement to almost everybody who visits them due to the seemingly endless and impossibly lush and green rolling hills upon which are mile upon mile of tea and spice plantations. Munnar is a classic example of this and is also one of my favourite places in India and indeed the world. Munnar is famous for its tea and is especially famous for the pure beauty of its surroundings. Thekkady, further south than Munnar is another Hill station and some amazing trekking and cycling.

Kerala tours and travels are becoming increasingly popular and every year more and more visitors discover the Beauty of Kerala. Indeed it was announced late last year that Kerala is not only the fastest growing tourist destination India but in fact in the world.

Kerala is also famous for its impressive selection of national and wildlife parks, a couple of which have won international acclaim for their management and value which they provide for visitors. Expect to see elephants in abundance, leopards, turtles, crocodiles, snakes and a few of over 450 different bird species which call the state home. Kerala tours and travel offer some extraordinary, for more information and a free tour quote simply follow the link at the end of this article.